UK Based Security of Assets

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UK Based Security of Assets

Post by Chris67 »

Anyone operating out of the U.K come up with any good ideas on making assets as secure as possible going forward?
Its amazing ho wmany funds are still sitting on one Prime Broker and One Custodial bank - some TF's are sitting on these both in France ?

Anyway - anyone got any good ideas for security ?

Moto moto
Roundtable Knight
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Post by Moto moto »

Even if you are not in the UK these issues might be the same, as often the brokers transfer assets into the UK - read the broker agreement, and once they are in the system, then you are stuck with a lot of the UK rules. (This is what has happened regards MFGlobal).

Re what to do - I can only spread things as much as possible, sweep unused funds to (I hope) more secure banks. Presently I am doing very little trading and wondering when to start up again after recent moves back to your fair shores!


Post by Demon »

Instead of holding cash at your custodian buy money market funds from banks / institutions that you feel the most comfortable with.

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