broker.AdjustPositionOnOpen vs broker.EnterLongOnOpen

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Stephen Newton
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broker.AdjustPositionOnOpen vs broker.EnterLongOnOpen

Post by Stephen Newton » Sun Feb 17, 2008 1:37 pm

I am struggling with the use of these two broker statements.

I have code that is trying to pyramid into a position after a certain number of days in the existing trade.

Having done the logic to test for this condition and also calculated a new stop for the pyramid entry - which broker statement do I use?

In the help it states that broker.AdjustPositionOnOpen requires the use of a factor that adjusts the existing position size accordingly (AdjustPositionOnOpen( adjustmentFactor )).

What if I am using my standard money management algorithm to size the position increment and size is therefore calculated in the money manager? Can I use AdjustPositionOnOpen without the risk adjustment argument and the size will be determined by the money manager?

Also how would I set the stop using this command? I think this answer is instrument.SetExitStop (unitnumber, stopprice)…

I have used broker.EnterLongOnOpen (stopprice) in the current code but I am not sure this is working correctly. [for shorts I have used broker.EnterShortOnOpen]

Help much appreciated...

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