Automated stock data download and order generation

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Automated stock data download and order generation

Post by dantes »

Hello -

I am new to TB and would greatly appreciate a little help on the questions below:

1. How does one add new data from external source to TBB? You just create a new file with the required formatting in the Stocks dictionary folder?

2.How do you automate end-of-day stock data upload into TBB from free sources like Yahoo or Google? Is there a better solution than bulding a Macro to download data and modify the .txt ASCII files in the Stock dictionary every day?

3. Does TBB support automated order emails or order entry? I.e. once the above live data feed is up and running, can TB automatically generate order emails, or even send orders for example directly to Interactive Brokers or other platforms?

Thanks in advance!
Roundtable Knight
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Post by stamo »

I recall Amibroker had a free data updating program -- you might look at that.

Many here use CSI data (not free) which can be automated with Task Scheduler.

CSI can kick off a process when it's finished updating -- this is where you'd run TB and generate orders.

Add email/texting when all is done (from within TB or external) and you are largely automated.

(I don't automate orders.)
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