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Would be great if any TBB-User, who has experience in the packages with the historical stock data of this provider, could answer me the following questions:

I am interested for historical EOD-Stock Data for TBB from Germany, Switzerland, ...

My questions:
-Do the packages on http://bbfinance.com/shopping-online/product-selection include delisted stocks?
-How accurate are the data from http://bbfinance.com/shopping-online/product-selection?
More like 13.45, similar to the free data of yahoo or more like 18.37500000 with 8 digits after the comma, which is supported by TBB?
-Is there also a list of all the stocks in the package with the symbol, Industry and Sector - Information? I would like to use the sector and industry information in my TBB-System. So I need to make (or to have) a TBB-StockInfo.txt with this information.

I appreciate your help. Thank you.
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