Trading Blox Questions

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Trading Blox Questions

Post by gk » Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:27 pm

Dear all,

I wanted to raise some questions on TBB for quite a long time.
I need a platform that can deal with all of these features, hopefully TBB can do all these:

I would like to test ideas on monthly data. Then if the criteria meets on weekly data and if the criteria meets on daily data and then intraday data. I have seen from another answer of yours that as of version 2.3 you can provide manipulation of raw intraday or daily data to all other periodicities. However, is it possible to combine all these criteria and scan all assets by these periods in the asset allocation process?

I would like to include more raw data/time series than OHLC and open interest of daily or intraday data. Eg GDP or/and Bid and Ask volume (Nielsen indicator). From these data I would like to test some strategies. Is this possible?

When I will conclude that Trading Blox does facilitate my trading needs, can the whole system operate during trading hours? How this will be done? It will run all the time historical tests? Does it have the capability to integrate with data vendors and brokers for automated trades?

Can I have a trial version of the Builder version in which I can test all of these?

Too many necessary questions!
Thank you in advance.


Tim Arnold
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Post by Tim Arnold » Mon Dec 21, 2009 9:03 am

1) If you are using intraday data, then the daily/weekly/monthly bars are created from that data. So you can check your criteria on any time frame, and still place the order on an intraday basis.

2) Yes, you can either include the extra data in the extra data fields as part of the OHLC data file, or if you have this data in a separate file you can load that data up as part of the simulation. Any data file with a date and value can be loaded and synched with any instrument.

3) There is no capability for auto trading. When trading the data must be updated, then the order generation process run, then the orders entered with your broker. Some people automate parts of this with success, but it's not something you want to attempt on 1 minute data for sure.

4) Yes, send an email to

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