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Trading Blox Builder

Post by ekl »

I am interested to learn more about TradeBlox Builder in order to evaluate if it can meet my requirements.

I have tried to read everything I have found on the web site and have additional questions:

1) Is there an evaluation version ?

2) Can other (than traded instrument) price series be used for creating entry/exit strategy ? And even more important,
can other data be used in position/portfolio management block.
E.g. can decission about a new position be based on VaR of all currently open positions
(price data for all currently open positios must be analyzed) ?

3) Data sources are only ASCII files. No data adapters are available to access data in provider's native format ?

4) Is there possibility to use functiions from external dll written in other languages,
e.g entry decission based on a function written in C# ?

Thanks for the feedback

Tim Arnold
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Post by Tim Arnold »


Thanks for your interest in Trading Blox.

1) Yes, there is a 7 day free trial. You can send a request to

2) Yes, any data can be loaded. Market data can be loaded and associated with the markets for use with signal generation or money/risk/portfolio management. Data can also be loaded in a generic fashion unrelated to specific markets.

3) One can analyze all the open positions and historical price series at any time, for use in signal generation or money/risk/portfolio management.

4) DLL's are not supported at this time. Most customers find the Blox Basic scripting language and external read/write file access powerful enough to do complex analysis.

Hope that helps.

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