Logical Information Machines

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Dean Hoffman
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Logical Information Machines

Post by Dean Hoffman »

Has anyone here ever used the “Logical Information Machinesâ€
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Post by davidib »

Hi Dean,

I've used it a number of years ago. Excellent data content, very powerful, but my take is that programming skills are required to get the same level of backtesting ability that you get in trading blox.

When I worked with it, it has a menuing/scripting ability. This worked great in screening and simpler types of backtests, but couldn't handle more complicated types of strategies.

Odds and ends: support was great; hardware requirements were quite hefty. I used it about eight years ago althought I run into it/users every now and then.

Hope that helps
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Re: Logical Information Machines

Post by DigitalJester »

Just FYI it's now Morningstar's Commodity Query.
New name but not much other than data sources has changed.
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