New Contact Information, Zachary Oxman

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New Contact Information, Zachary Oxman

Post by zacharyoxman »

Hello Blox Forum Members,

Effective today, I am no longer with Wisdom Financial.

If you'd like to speak with me, please contact me:

Zachary Oxman
TrendMax Futures
949 874 8477

Thank you, feel free to email, call or Private Message me.

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Post by zug7 »


I am with Zach since April 2009 and started trading through him since the beginning of June.

For a few years now I am trading short term index futures. As I wanted to expand into Long Term Trend Following I appreciated very much Zach’s help in selecting a suitable system / portfolio. Now I am trading with him a small portfolio of 25 markets.

Zach now generates my orders with TradingBlox and trades the generated signals accordingly for me. In this short period of time there were hardly any issues and the few there were got resolved easily. From my experience with him he has a very good knowledge about CSI / TradingBlox and the markets I am trading. What amazes me with him is that my e-mails usually get answered within a few minutes on work days (until around Midnight Californian time I guess) and I can even get a response on weekends.

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