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My broker recommendation

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Hi All-

I've received a number of emails in the past from members of this forum asking me for a Brokerage recommendation. I've checked with c.f. and as I have no financial interest in this recommendation I can post it here in this section.

My relationship with Doug Witter ( ) is over 10 years old. He is a Vice President at Refco.. And that is a "real" VP title. For the past couple of years he has been Refco's manager of both the CME & CBOT floors. So he is the top banana on those floors. He also oversees Refco's local proprietary trading. His has been in the industry for 15-20 years and he has a truly spotless record with the regulatory bodies.... he has never had a NFA, CFTC, CBOT or MERC complaint, fine or even a arb case brought against him.

Over ten years ago, I met Doug as he was my pit broker that I used for the financial markets. His service/fills/accountability I can say has always been by far the best I have ever experienced. The people he has around him are also exceptional folks. He has filled paper for some of the biggest names out there... I consider Doug a very good friend and he also has a great wife and 4 wonderful kids.

Doug is very enterprising, hardworking and also very successful.. Years ago, when I realized that he also takes on retail brokerage accounts, it was an easy decision to move my account over to him, I believe that was back in 1995.

As there is no middle man, he can give you an extremely competitive rate structure, the ability to use Pats, TT or Refco's front ends. And needless to say, he cracks the whip to make sure there is a great floor staff. In the end, he can be flexible on deals and get things done because of his position. Regardless of the size you are trading, he will offer you great rates & service. Doug subscribes to the old saying of "Never despise anything small, as it has the potential to be great"

Trading like everything else in life is all about balancing all the pieces to the puzzle and all of the pieces to the trading puzzle that Doug has handled for me has always been in balance.

As a side note, some of the stories he can tell you about Tom Baldwin, Monroe Trout and others are often hilarious.

Happy Trading. Gordon

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Sir G why you didn't post it a week earlier? i opened my account with some brokerage firm that clears trades through Refco, but still they're "middle" man as you say. if i want to transfer my account (because anyway i am with Refco) how am i doing it? by the way does he have a daughter? Marty "Buzzy" Schwartz always suggested to get married with specialists' sons, well in my case this would be a daughter :lol:
it would be a pleasure to work with such a pro

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