On Longs, Shorts and Capturing the Trend

How do you know when a trend has started? Ended? This forum is for discussions about trend indicators and signals.
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On Longs, Shorts and Capturing the Trend

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the problem i am trying to solve, or maybe just state for starters, is how to capture the end of an uptrend or the beginning of a downtrend. ever noticed how many charts look like A in the exhibit below (please excuse the art) and none like the B ?

a prolonged uptrend starts slowly and is captured well with something like MACD, a downtrend ends slowly often forming a smooth bottom. again MACD works well. perhaps the end of an up trend or the start of a down trend could be captured with a breakout indicator. Maybe this difference in behavior accounts for the bad performance of the shorts vs. longs - it is not easy to capture the beginning of a down trend.

does anyone have any thoughts about this?

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di+ di- will do the trick

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When DI+ crosses over DI- ie. green is on the top the trend is positive (no matter for how shortlived it maybe) reverse is true for downtrend. This also musy be confirmed with weekly charts.

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