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Auto Execution for All US Equities

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:25 pm
by paloma
Hi guys,

I have developed a long term, long only trend following program that trades all US equities (ie. approx. 13,000 tickers). I have backtested this system from 1991 using 64Bit blox which has been magnificent BTW and 8 gigs of RAM. I am wondering if anybody has done the same and/or knows of a brokerage firm that performs auto-execution services for taking signals from all US equities.

Can anyone help?

PS. I spoke with Wisdom Financial and they stated they are currently a Futures only shop at this point.

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:42 pm
by sluggo
Head to a Borders store or a Barnes and Noble store and shop the magazine section. Buy copies of
  • Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities
    Active Trader
Then check out all the brokerages who advertise in those three magazines. Both fullpage ads throughout the magazine, and smaller ads in the "Classifieds" section. For example, I bet you will find that "Lime Brokerage LLC" (who has a classified ad) offers auto execution services on all US stocks. I bet you will find several others too.

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 2:38 pm
by paloma
Thanks Sluggo.

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 4:07 am
by AFJ Garner
Lime Brokerage are very, very interesting and very sophisticated if its the same guys I am thinking of.

They are Jim Simons look alikes (on their internal HF side) and run their own highly sophisticated and ultra short term trading strategies as well as providing slick and ultra quick execution services.