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Interesting article about stocks fraud

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2003 3:05 pm
by leanhog
I thought readers of this forum will get a kick out of this :twisted:

Wednesday March 19, 2003


NEW YORK -- Federal investigators have arrested an enigmatic Wall Street wiz on insider-trading charges -- and incredibly, he claims to be a time-traveler from the year 2256!

Sources at the Security and Exchange Commission confirm that 44-year-old Andrew Carlssin offered the bizarre explanation for his uncanny success in the stock market after being led off in handcuffs on January 28.

"We don't believe this guy's story -- he's either a lunatic or a pathological liar," says an SEC insider.

"But the fact is, with an initial investment of only $800, in two weeks' time he had a portfolio valued at over $350 million. Every trade he made capitalized on unexpected business developments, which simply can't be pure luck.

"The only way he could pull it off is with illegal inside information. He's going to sit in a jail cell on Rikers Island until he agrees to give up his sources."

The past year of nose-diving stock prices has left most investors crying in their beer. So when Carlssin made a flurry of 126 high-risk trades and came out the winner every time, it raised the eyebrows of Wall Street watchdogs.

"If a company's stock rose due to a merger or technological breakthrough that was supposed to be secret, Mr. Carlssin somehow knew about it in advance," says the SEC source close to the hush-hush, ongoing investigation.

When investigators hauled Carlssin in for questioning, they got more than they bargained for: A mind-boggling four-hour confession.

Carlssin declared that he had traveled back in time from over 200 years in the future, when it is common knowledge that our era experienced one of the worst stock plunges in history. Yet anyone armed with knowledge of the handful of stocks destined to go through the roof could make a fortune.

"It was just too tempting to resist," Carlssin allegedly said in his videotaped confession. "I had planned to make it look natural, you know, lose a little here and there so it doesn't look too perfect. But I just got caught in the moment."

In a bid for leniency, Carlssin has reportedly offered to divulge "historical facts" such as the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden and a cure for AIDS.

All he wants is to be allowed to return to the future in his "time craft."

However, he refuses to reveal the location of the machine or discuss how it works, supposedly out of fear the technology could "fall into the wrong hands."

Officials are quite confident the "time-traveler's" claims are bogus. Yet the SEC source admits, "No one can find any record of any Andrew Carlssin existing anywhere before December 2002."


Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2003 3:48 pm
by Dave S.
Where did you ever manage to find this?

What a great story line for a movie!


story about future traveler

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2003 4:47 pm
by leanhog
Hi Dave, found it on google and yahoo, today's story !
My staff alerted me of it.
I thought it was great story ! :lol:

re: story about future traveler

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2003 5:33 pm
by Howard Brazzil
"Unfortunately, Yahoo!, a primary news source for many people on the Internet, reprints some Weekly World News..[but]...doesn't convey a strong 'bogus' warning to readers who don't notice the original source is the Weekly World News"


Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2004 10:58 am
by SeaWolf
"The limits of potential accomplishment are defined by one's sense of the possible."

SeaWolf. :?:

Any new Rumors?

Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2005 9:01 pm
by SeaWolf
I read on a U.K. forum somewhere regarding this story. That someone anonymously posted the man in question 1million dollar bail. As a result the man has not been heard of since. Does anyone know is he still sitting in Rinkers Island prison or has he dissappeard ?
Impossible NOTHING ~ Adidas :?:

Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2005 9:16 pm
by JamesK
The thing is that he should have already known that he would be arrested…according to the time paradox theory… :?

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2005 7:01 pm
thats a nice article, i actually do believe that something like this can happen... 100 years ago everyone was laughing at a minority who believed that we'd fly on a plane and would cross Atlantic Ocean in 3-4 hours from UK to NYC

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2005 2:23 pm
by statelesspowers
will he be allowed to keep the $$ then?? i hope soo!