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I recommended this at another string on this forum. For anyone interested in getting hold of historical forex data for MS Excel, then, as a satisfied customer rather than someone with a vested interest, I would strongly recommend the following:

I won't plug it any further than that, other than to say that the end product is a fully formatted spreadsheet from which data can be easily cut and pasted elsewhere...

Obviously, one issue to consider is what source this guy uses. I have checked it against the data produced by FXCM (on their FXtrek charts) and found no discrepancies, though that doesn't mean to say that either is 100% "correct"...

Does anyone have any comments on data discrepancies, dodgy data and what data should one use/not use? Is there such a thing as 100% "correct" currency data?

Surely data is recorded according to the price at which the latest deal was done?
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His website says

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Andrew is no longer selling FX software
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