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Can some one help me

Post by BLooDY-SHarKY »

I have a capital close to 5,000,000 Usd and i am new in the forex market, i have made a mini-accountin fxcm for trying it i have bought an test regestration for forex fazzy expert to do me the buy /sell dissigns
and i have lose about 2000 Usd ..
All i need to ask you about
I need to find an expert trader to trade for me..
So where i can find this trader
please email me at :idea: :idea: :?: :?: :!:
Roundtable Knight
Roundtable Knight
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Post by d-g »

Are you looking for sombody to advise/train you for $2000 or are you looking for someone to manage your account for you?

I think you might find some educational seminars for that kind of money, but I doubt you will be able to retain someone to trade your funds for that little, unless they really want the experience (in which case you might be leery about giving them control of your money).
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Post by blueberrycake »

Yeah... and I just got a top-secret invitation from General Mustafa in Nigeria to help him transfer $30 million dollars out of his country and into my account. I swear it's legit!

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