Expanded Trading Hours for CBOT, KCBT & MGEX Grain and O

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Expanded Trading Hours for CBOT, KCBT & MGEX Grain and O

Post by Wisdom »

Expanded Trading Hours for CBOT, KCBT & MGEX Grain and Oilseed Products

Effective Sunday, May 20 (trade date Monday, May 21), all CBOT, KCBT, and MGEX Grain and Oilseed Futures and Options will expand electronic trading hours on CME Globex. The trading hours will be as follows:

Sunday to Monday: 17:00 CT to 16:00 CT

Monday to Friday: 18:00 CT to 16:00 CT

The impacted products are as follows:

ZC Corn Fut & Options

XC Mini-Sized Corn Fut

ZW Wheat Fut & Options

XW Mini-Sized Wheat Fut

ZS Soybean Fut & Options

XK Mini-Sized Soybean Fut

ZM Soybean Meal Fut & Options

ZL Soybean Oil Fut & Options

ZO Oat Fut & Options

ZR Rough Rice Fut & Options

DDG Distillers Dried Grain Fut

EH CBOT Ethanol Fut & Options

KE KCBT Wheat Fut & Options

MWE MGEX Wheat Fut & Options and all MGEX Index Fut & Options
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Post by LeapFrog »

This could make things even trickier getting our daily price updates from a supplier like CSI, generate the "next day" orders and stick 'em in the broker's platform. These markets will have been open probably for hours before we get ready to enter new orders.

Will have to see how this goes.
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Post by MarkH »

CSI software (UA) allows you to manually put in next day prices. So, you can gather the price information after the market closes from the exchange, put it into your CSI database, rebuild your files and run your trading software to generate next day orders before the market re-opens. You have more time to do this in some markets than others (eg, in the US stock index futures you only have 15 minutes between 3:15 and 3:30, central time). Also, several of the exchanges post a settlement price (ie, closing price) based on trades at a time that is earlier than when trading for the day actually ends. For example, nymex oil settles at 1:30, pm (central), but continues trading until 4:15pm. BTW, you have to put the manual, next day price into the actual front month contract you are using and not the back-adjusted contract -- however, it then shows up in the back-adjusted one when you rebuild. You have to be careful to make sure you aniticipate your rollovers to make sure you place orders in the proper month and at the rollover adjusted price. It was much simpler when markets did not re-open until the next morning --- at least for end-of-day systems using an end-of-day data supplier.
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