Crude Palm Oil

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Crude Palm Oil

Post by jharlan »

I recently read the following and wondered if any of you trade this market?

"Crude Palm Oil Futures (FCPO), the world's most liquid & successful contract available via DMA at CME Chicago Matching Engine. We facilitate DMA access to all Institutional, Algo Traders from USA.

Crude Palm Oil Futures have been around since the 1980s, with the matching engine in Malaysia moved to CME Globex in Chicago since Sept 20th, 2011. "Most liquid" above is in reference to its ADV value at USD650 million OP increased to 110k contracts at record high and still growing as per last month. It is also the benchmark for physical Palm Oil in the world. Even the other similar Crude Palm Oil futures contract launched at India, Indonesia, Singapore and even CME have failed to capture attention and volumes."
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Post by LeapFrog »

The Chicago offering has no volume - have to trade the Malaysian original. My broker can access it via. the back office but can't give me access to it through the front office. I'm the only customer that has asked for it apparently and that means it isn't worth the trouble for my broker to set it up. I know Wisdom offers it.
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Post by Chris67 »

I trade it through MF Global on Malaysian exchange - have done for years
MF Global seem to be able to access everything although this comes at the cost of the fact MF Global experienced issues in 2007/2008 realting to an insider "nick leeson" who took 12% off their balance sheet in 10 minutes by accumulating a huge short position in wheat when he wasnt even meant to have a position - the inside risk management function at MG Global failed to see it ? question is have they sorted their issues out now ? When I went through the application process for the fund it was the toughest "financial institutional" kyc / aml i encountered which suggested to me they have got their act together a little ?

As someone says "your trade - your risk"
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Post by zacharyoxman »

We can trade Malaysian Palm Oil through MFG, and are doing so for a number of clients.

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