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The Trading Blox team brings together a unique blend of world-class software design talent and real-world experience in trading, system design, testing, and implementation.  We are committed to developing software to help others fulfill their commitment to become better traders.


Trading Blox was conceived by traders for traders based on our observation that today's trading system software does not adequately address the needs of the user community at large.  This is true not only for discretionary traders who are interested in learning to trade systematically, but also for systematic traders who don't have the tools at their disposal to help them sharpen their craft and aren't sure which way to turn.


Today's publicly available back testing software falls into two distinct categories.  The first type offers a slew of indicators and advanced graphic capabilities, but only allows testing on a single stock or commodity at a time, and requires expensive add-on software to test across an entire portfolio.


Even then, this type of software is cumbersome and limited at best.  It is limited most of all in its portfolio testing method because it doesn't allow for the influence of how a system might need to respond to changes in equity or performance at the end of each date, and before it sends orders to be tested in the next trade day's data.   In real trading make portfolio and order decision each day.   Add-on optional portfolio testing options blend equity from the tested results of each instrument in an attempt to simulate portfolio performance.   This isn't a realistic approach most of the time when it is common to make decisions on which symbol will be allowed to trade and in which order it will be sequenced in analysis.   There are many more difference between how Trading Blox test than how optional portfolio methods can report realistic portfolio results.


At the other end of the spectrum is software that allows portfolio-level back testing with money management, but which assumes significant programming skills on behalf of the user and only offers flexibility at the price of a steep learning curve.  In short, with these products comprehensive testing is possible but painful.


This leaves a sizable gap between what trading system software does today, and what is truly possible.  Let's face it: Until now, the ability to conduct comprehensive, full-featured back tests has been the exclusive province of a relatively small group of die-hard programmers and large-scale investment houses.


It doesn't have to be that way.


The team at Trading Blox is uniquely positioned to change this situation, and with the release of Trading Blox Builder II, Builder I, and Professional we've done just that.  By making the Trading Blox technology available publicly, others will now have the opportunity to quickly develop a better understanding of how trading systems work in depth, in detail, and in the real world.


Trading Blox is world-class trading simulation technology that provides traders of all skill levels with access to an extraordinarily flexible and highly automated testing environment.  By coupling a comprehensive, programming-free testing environment with an intuitive graphical interface, Trading Blox dramatically flattens the steep learning curve traditionally associated with trading system development.  It helps the trader quickly gain the necessary level of confidence to successfully deploy and consistently trade a system.


While Trading Blox bridges the gap in existing offerings, it also provides capabilities that are not available in any other software.  For example, you can easily instruct Trading Blox to test the pyramiding techniques and risk management rules that are an integral part of the Turtle Trading Rules, without writing a line of code.  You can test a triple moving average system with sophisticated money management without a line of code.  You can optimize those systems for different portfolios without a line of code.


At Trading Blox, our goal is to ensure that each and every user is completely satisfied with their entire Trading Blox experience, from purchase through trading.  Moreover, we look forward to establishing long-term relationships with interested users, because it is from this group that many great ideas for future releases sprout. We value your feedback!


In addition to placing a high value on user input, everything we do is driven by the belief that quality is paramount.  Every release is rigorously tested to ensure that every trade that should be taken is taken, trades which should not be taken are ignored, and that every single calculation is accurately performed and reflected in the results, down to the last penny.


If we can't produce quality software that helps traders become better traders, then we have no business being in business.  With that said, we believe that the future looks very bright for you and all of us at the Trading Blox family!


The Product Feature Page explains the abilities of each of the  Trading Blox product versions.


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