What’s New With Trading Blox

This month’s Whats New introduces :

Trading Blox multi-threading

Processors have seen their biggest performance improvements in recent years by the addition of multiple cores. A 4 core processor is theoretically equivalent to a 4x performance increase. In practice, actual speed gains are closer to 50% and require each application to be programmed to take advantage of multiple cores. With the release of Trading Blox version 4, multi-threading capabilities have been added when loading data and running stepped test simulations.

To take advantage of multi-threading in Trading Blox, set the Thread Count parameter in Global Parameters to a value between one and the max number allowed by your license.


The Turtle Edition allows for one thread, and the Professional and Builder Editions allow for two. The optimal number of threads is based on the number of CPU cores x2 if your CPU supports Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology. A simple way to find the optimal number of threads is to run Task Manager and click on the Performance tab. In Windows 7, count the number of displays in CPU Usage History. Click here for a detailed analysis.


In Windows 8 it is listed as Logical Processors.



Please search the Trading Blox User Guide for Thread Count for more details.

To purchase additional threads for faster testing, please see the customer login section of the website, or contact us directly with any questions.