What’s New: Automatic Execution

This months What’s New introduces:

Automatic execution with Interactive Brokers

There comes the time when a system builder has chosen a portfolio and settled on a set of system parameters to begin looking at the next important step: execution.  While there are many good choices for online brokers, the preferred broker for Trading Blox is Interactive Brokers.  With Trading Blox version 4, we have integrated the Interactive Brokers API to handle automatic execution for end of day orders.  Once the API functions have been integrated with your strategy, orders can be sent to IB by running Generate Orders.  Orders are posted to the IB Order window and will be executed during market hours.

The Trading Blox automatic execution feature is still in Beta.  We highly recommend that users test this functionality in an Interactive Brokers Simulated Trading Account before trading live.  Once in production it is anticipated there will be a monthly fee for this feature.  If any current user would like to try automatic execution, please contact us directly as each user license must be enabled for API use.  For more details click here to download a PDF overview.