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Trading Blox includes ten different public domain trading systems: the ATR Channel Breakout, the Bollinger Breakout, the Bollinger Counter-Trend, a Dual Moving Average, a Triple Moving Average, RSI, MACD, Stochastic, ADX, and the system used by the Original Turtles as explained on the original turtles web site. Each of these systems may be tested individually or in combination with any or all of the other systems.

Quick Trading Blox Professional Overview Movie:

In addition, it includes many extra Blox, such as a Pyramiding Entry block, a Chandelier Exit block, and a Group Performance block. You can drag and drop these block, and other money manager, portfolio manager, and risk manager blocks to create the system you desire.

Each system included has many easily adjustable settings, so you can build and test literally millions of different system variations without writing a single line of code.

The graphical, dynamic, and iterative nature of Trading Blox™ testing makes it a great learning tool because you can quickly see the effects of the changes you make.

Systems Included:

ADX System — An ADX +DI/-DI based system that enters when the ADX crosses a user defined threshold, and the +DI crosses the -DI.

ATR Channel Breakout System – A channel breakout system built using the Average True Range to define a volatility channel centered around a moving average, this system buys and sells when the price goes outside the channel.

Bollinger Breakout System – A system described by Chuck LeBeau and David Lucas in their book: “Technical Traders Guide to Computer Analysis of the Futures Markets”, this system buys when the price goes outside the range of a Bollinger Band.

Bollinger Counter-Trend System – A system that buys dips and sells rallies reversing the Bollinger Band Breakout system rules.

Donchian – A single unit breakout system with a MACD filter. Allowed to trade long if the MACD is greater than zero, allowed to trade short if the MACD is less than zero.

Dual Moving Average – Buys and Sells based on the crossover of two moving averages, this system is always in the market.

MACD System — The Moving Average Convergence Divergence system uses a long and a short moving average to generate signals. The system enters and exits when the indicator crosses zero.

RSI System — Based on the Relative Strength Index, the system buys when the indicator crosses a user defined threshold, and sells when it crosses another threshold.

Stochastic System — Uses convergence of the stochastic indicator to generate signals. Long only.

Triple Moving Average – Using three moving averages, this system buys when the short moving average (MA) crosses over the medium MA, and the medium is over the long MA. The system exits when the short MA crosses back under the medium MA. Unlike the Dual MA system, this system is sometimes out of the market.

Turtle System – The system used by the Original Turtles as explained on the original turtles web site. Trading Blox™ is the only software on the market that is capable of testing every aspect of the exact trading system as outlined by the Original Turtles including:

  • Turtle Money Management
  • Correlated Market Risk Limits
  • The Correct Formula for N Computation
  • N-based Unit Sizing
  • N-based Multiunit Position Additions
  • Simultaneous Blends of System One and System Two
  • The “Last Trade is Loser” rule

Major Features:

The Trading Blox™ software includes the following major features:

No Programming Required – easy to use graphical interface allows test changes without requiring any programming, just change the numbers and click a few buttons.

The Trading Blox™ Engine – test many markets over their entire trading history in just seconds. There is no equivalent testing engine anywhere.

Parameter Stepping – test different combinations of risk limits, unit addition points, breakout days, etc. Lets you change any of the system parameters without requiring any programming.

Trade Chart Detail – shows the exact reasons for entry and exit and complete trade details on a high resolution trader chart.

Advanced Graphs – reports include many different graphs including some new types unavailable with any other testing software.

To see the complete set of detailed graphs press here.

Order Generation – Generate the orders for the next day with one simple menu selection.

Extensive Reporting – Analyze and verify tests using our extensive performance reports and logs.

Complete Documentation – includes extensive and complete documentation in HTML Help format for quick access directly from the application itself, in Adobe PDF format for printing, or in an online HTML format.

The Trading Blox software is available via download only, no backup CD, printed documentation, or shipped boxes are included. Software Boxes are for graphic purposes only.