Trading Blox™ Reports

Each Trading Blox™ test simulation generates an extensive set of reports. Sample report results are included below. Press the underlined header at the beginning of each report description to see the associated sample report.

The Trading Blox™ software includes the following reports:

  • Summary Test Results — The main test output, Summary Test Results, shows the performance of a given test simulation using many industry standard performance measures. The sample also demonstrates how performance is affected by each of the values in a multi-value parameter run test.
  • Trade Log — The Trade Log includes extensive information about each individual trade generated by the simulation.
  • Equity Log — The Equity Log shows the values of various equity parameters, total equity, open equity, margin, cash, the open positions, etc. for each trading day of the simulation.
  • Monthly Log — The Monthly Log shows summary month end results.

Please Note: While the sample test reports include the actual internally-audited results of a multi-parameter test, these results are not the product of an effort to obtain the best results possible but are included only to show the format and power of the Trading Blox™ reporting system.

Each of the systems included with Trading Blox™ is not a single system but a more generalized approach to trading the markets with certain parameters that can be changed. Individual traders can use Trading Blox™ to generate a specific set of these system parameters designed to offer the best potential results using whatever measures that trader determines most important. Because each trader has his own preferred measures, i.e. some traders are more averse to drawdowns, some look at returns only, etc., it is likely that each user of Trading Blox™ would find a different set of parameters would generate results that they consider “optimal”

The sample reports show sample input parameters (Entry Breakout of 20, Unit Add in N of 0.5, Max Instrument Units of 4, etc.). These are not the parameters used to generate the results shown in the test.

We have not presented the actual parameters because we do not want to imply that certain parameters are better or worse than any others.