Test Trade Chart

The Test Trade Chart shows each of the trades for a given test. Each Trade Chart has the following areas:

  • Display Control Buttons – The tool bar has buttons which allow single-click access to common menu actions for controlling the chart display including: expanding and collapsing the width of a price bar; showing and hiding the trade indicators; and controlling how many trades are displayed at the same time.
  • Trade Chart – The selected trade is plotted on a daily bar chart graph of the prices for the particular market or stock issue. The indicators for the system that generated the trade are also plotted on the graph so you can see how the system indicators control trade entry and exit. The Chart menu and associated buttons on the tool bar control which trades are displayed on the graph.
  • Entry and Exit Dates – The entry and exit dates for the selected trade are shown below the chart date legend. These show the exact date and time of entry (Open, Day, or Close).
  • Trade List – A complete list of each trade for the test is shown below the chart. When you click on a trade in the list, Trading Blox™ will select that trade and display the appropriate chart. You can sort the list by clicking on any of the column headers. For example, you can easily determine the largest percentage losing trades by clicking on the Profit % column.
  • Crosshair Details – When you move the most over the chart area, Trading Blox™ draws a crosshair on the chart and draws the details of the bar under the current mouse position in the Crosshair Details pane. It also displays the price associated with the current vertical mouse position. These values update immediately as you move the mouse across the chart.
  • Indicator Details – The Indicator Details pane shows the values for the system indicators for the day associated with the bar under the current mouse position.
  • Entry and Exit Prices – The trade Entry, Exit, and initial Stop are plotted so you can visually see the exact trade prices.
  • Trade Details – The bottom right pane shows the details of each trade including: entry and exit dates and prices, profit, profit %, entry risk %, trade duration, etc.