The Trading Blox Equity System Pack is a turn-key solution for the trader seeking systematic exposure to equities. The systems are created in-house by our development team drawing upon our extensive experience in computer programming, professional money management, trading research, and trading system design. At Trading Blox we allocate our own capital to this product and we invite you to do so alongside of us. It’s our hope that customers have the opportunity to trade and to observe us trading systematically with an open hand.

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Equity System Pack

$1,490 plus Trading Blox Edition

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Equity System Pack Details: A Stock Trading Software

Most investors desire some kind of exposure to equities.  It is usually one of the cornerstones of a diversified portfolio.  However, many investors have also learned (or re-learned) over the past decade or so that stocks can be risky.  In major declines stock indices sometimes lose over half their value.  Individual stocks often go to zero, as evidenced by once popular issues like Enron or WorldCom.  What is an investor to do when the traditional buy-and-hold or indexing advice can lead to such poor results?

Our answer is this System Pack.  It is designed to benefit from appreciation in stocks while cushioning the losses associated with bear markets and sharp intermediate declines. It consists of three strategies that trade from the long side in stocks plus one hedging strategy that trades short in either a stock index futures contract such as the S&P e-mini or an exchange traded fund such as the SPY.

All of the long equity strategies are trend following in nature, attempting to buy strong stocks while exiting positions in the face of adverse price movement.  The hedge strategy is a bit different. It protects against two types of market moves that can cause losses for a buy-and-hold portfolio.  First, it has a trend following element of its own.  When the long term trend of the overall market is down, we judge that there is a bear market on, and hold a short position in the hedge instrument to compensate for potential losses in the long stock portfolio.  There is also a counter-trend or mean-reversion element to the hedge strategy.  When the index price moves upward fast enough to become “overbought” the system goes short on a volatility breakout to the downside.  These tend to be shorter term trades lasting several days or a few weeks, while the bear market hedge stays in place for more extended periods.

One simulation of the trio of equity systems in conjunction with the hedge system shows the following results compared to the S&P 500 Total Return Index as benchmark.  Both 1X and 2X leveraged results are shown:

Performance Versus Benchmark
Performance Versus Benchmark

Performance Versus Benchmark – Log Scale

Performance Versus Benchmark - Log Scale


System Correlations

system-correlations-leverage-1 system-correlations-leverage-2


Results like this are a compelling improvement over the benchmark in terms of risk-adjusted return.  On an unleveraged basis, the investor betters the return of the index with less than half the volatility and about one-quarter the maximum drawdown of thebenchmark.  With leverage, an investor in this hypothetical equity curve could produce much higher returns than the benchmark while still having less risk and lower drawdowns.

Each of the four systems in this pack come with a functional copy of the Trading Blox software so that each parameter can be back-tested and optimized to suit individual needs, trading account sizes, and risk tolerances.

Each system uses end of day data, which can be easily accessed and updated daily via a simple drop down menu command. This structure eliminates the need to have a separate data supplier for those customers who prefer the plug and play approach to systematic trading.

Importantly, these systems are not a black box.  The rules for entries, exits, money management, and risk management for each system are fully documented and illustrated so that each user can understand the system and all of the parameters within the system.

The systems can be used in combination, as a suite of systems, or individually, or any variation or combination of systems that the user desires.  Additionally, one or all of the systems can be combined with your favorite futures systems within a suite to handle a separate asset allocation.

Equity System Pack Minimum System Requirements:

•Windows 7 SP1 (or higher)

•64‐bit Multi‐Core Processor

•6GB RAM Minimum/12 GB RAM Recommended

These requirements, especially RAM, are due to the large TradingBlox© Stock Database  (more information here) supplied with the Equity System Pack.  The Stock Database contains nearly 2,000 symbols and extra memory will speed the loading process. The Stock Database is supplied directly from Trading Blox from a menu item, and requires a Gold Equity Package subscription from CSI Data.

Please call us with any questions about any of these systems.  We look forward to hearing from you!!!!

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