Keep in touch with your trading wherever you are

Trading Blox has a very useful email function. The user may write plain text or HTML email content, including charts, tables, and all manner of custom plots as well as attach files containing orders or other information. The sky is the limit as to what can be included in the message, and if you are updating your data and running Trading Blox using Windows Task Scheduler or other scheduling software, you can receive email reports automatically each time new orders are generated, at the end of the trading day, or whenever you wish. We use this feature extensively in our own proprietary trading and as part of the Equity System Pack.

Below is an example snippet from the type of email report that could go out each evening for a trading program. We have a summary that shows the status of our data updates, trading equity, most recent daily performance, and a summary performance table showing performance versus the S&P 500 total return index benchmark. Also included is a custom chart that plots the annualized volatility of the trading program for each day along with a trend line.

With Trading Blox’s email reporting, you can keep tabs on your trading at a glance whether you are at your desk or on the beach!

Order Report Email Summary Table

Order Report Email Volatility Plot