Frequent Questions

Brokers Supported

Trading Blox outputs the order report as a nicely formatted HTM file and as a text file, so the orders can be entered online or emailed to a broker — any broker can be used. With the Builder Edition, custom order files can be created for upload into the Interactive Brokers basket trader or other order processing system, and there is also an Interactive Brokers API that can be used to send orders directly to IB.

Computer System Requirements

Trading Blox runs on Windows 7, 8 or 10 computers, and Intel based Macintosh computers running Windows on a Virtual Machine. Trading Blox runs on 32 bit computers, and also runs native on x64 computers. Trading Blox is multi threaded, and can run many simultaneous threads for testing purposes. A quad core or better computer can take advantage of this advanced feature. For basic testing, we recommend 2 GB of memory and a 2GHZ+ computer.  For large stock tests, more memory is required.

Data Providers Supported

Trading Blox does not supply data for testing or trading. Trading Blox can use any data that is in a comma delimited text file in the format D,O,H,L,C,V — see the list of suggested data providers by clicking here.

System development resources

If you have a custom system or idea that you want implemented in Trading Blox, you can contact one of the System Development Partners. Click here for more info.

Multiple Computers

The Trading Blox license is for one user. The Builder Editions can be installed on two computers for non simultaneous use. The authentication is provided by an internet based database, so the license can easily be moved from an old computer to a new computer.

How to register for the forum

The forum is open to the public with certain sections reserved for Trading Blox customers only. The registration process is built into the forum. Trading Blox customers should register and then update their Trading Blox profile on the Customer Login section with the chosen forum username. In this way the username will be added to the Customer Group and access granted to customer only sections.

Forgot Trading Blox License Name or License Key

Use the “forgot license” link from the Customer Login section of the website.
Click here to retrieve Trading Blox License Name and/or License Key

Forgotten forum username or password

Use the “forgot password ” link from the forum. Click here for info.

Free Trial

Click here for a one week free trial of fully functional Trading Blox Builder.

Cost of maintenance after the first year

Trading Blox comes with 12 months of free upgrades and updates. Thereafter we offer an optional annual maintenance program which costs 16% of the price of the product. The program needs to be continuous and contiguous, and provides for all upgrades and updates for an additional 12 months from the original maintenance expiration date. Some customers choose to continue with the version they have, because it does everything they need, while other customers choose to get the latest and greatest versions and features, so they opt for the maintenance program. This is a decision you can make down the road as the new versions become available. Support via the forum, email, or phone is only available with current maintenance. Check the Customer Login section of the website for details on your account and what the costs are to renew maintenance. If the maintenance lapses, the past years need to be purchased to bring the maintenance current.