How to Do a Daily ZIP of Blocks, Suites & Systems.

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How to Do a Daily ZIP of Blocks, Suites & Systems.

Post by stamo » Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:16 pm

As part of my daily update, I have UA kick off a .BAT file that invokes TB -- see screenshot, below.

And, as a part of that, I ZIP up my blocks, suites & systems (BSSes) with a called batch file like the following:

pkzip -add=u -path=full !%yymmdd% "blox\*.*"
pkzip -add=u -path=full !%yymmdd% "data\dictionaries\*.*"
pkzip -add=u -path=full !%yymmdd% "data\forex\US*.*"
pkzip -add=u -path=full !%yymmdd% "simulation suites\*.*"
pkzip -add=u -path=full !%yymmdd% "stock sets\*.*"
pkzip -add=u -path=full !%yymmdd% "systems\*.*"

These can be combined onto 1 cmd line but the separate lines makes it easier to see that I've covered everything.

%yymmdd% is an environment variable set to yy-mm-dd so a new zip file is created daily. this way i have a history of my BSSes.

(I occasionally mangle things so this history is very handy.)

Using "-path=full" preserves the directory structure so i don't have all the files jumbled into one ZIP file.

The ZIP file is about 240K.
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