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CSI data/Trading Blox problem

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:48 am
by Soph
I'm running into a rather interesting problem and was wondering if anyone here had come across anything similar.

I run the latest version of UA from CSI as well as the latest version of Trading Blox. The problem I encounter is that frequently UA's data does not update to the current day. To be more specific, I will run my nightly data download in UA and confirm the data is current for that trading day, open TB and prep my orders for the next day. The following day when I update UA it will not update its data for that current trading day. It basically stays stuck at the previous day. This is confirmed both through the UA software and the TB software.

Some other interesting aspects of this:

--I can run UA alone without a problem, no issues with data updates. Once I start using TB with it, the problem starts to occur.
--It seems to be progressive in that originally I would see the data update issue once a week. Now, however, it happens daily and can only be fixed with a complete reinstall of UA.

I have contacted UA support as well and sent them the .adm file and UA.ini file, so they are on it as well. Wanted to stop in here though and see if anyone else had experience with this sort of problem, or had any insight to offer.

Best Regards