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Post by Nathan » Wed Sep 15, 2004 4:06 pm

does anyone have experience with real-time dtn satallite data feed? If so what are your experiences with regards to data quality, speed, reliability.

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Post by ronSUMGRP » Wed Sep 15, 2004 9:06 pm


One of my co-workers uses the DTN feed. He has a third party app. to feed the data into a custom programming platform. We have found it to be reliable and fast. The only problem is during heavy storms.


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Post by trendyguy » Wed Sep 15, 2004 10:58 pm

I have used DTN for the last four years, and found them to be reliable, with the exception of two breakdowns. If on the satelite feed they provide a wonderful receiver / 486 computer, complete with a noisy 600 mb hardisk, and "DOS" as well as the operating software. You pay an extra charge to pass thru to a computer that was manufactured this century. As far as the breakdowns;They shipped by ground after telling me they would overnight it. After I received the part I discovered it was the wrong part. Took two weeks before I was up and running again.The credit on your bill is little help when you are actually trading.
In general I find thier data to be very average with the usual bad ticks for
Coffee and Gold. If you are interested in Intraday data, I hope you enjoy
editing bad ticks. Thier software is about 15 years behind Trade Station,
so I am using a third pary charting program.

So now onto the positive points.
The service is inexpensive, You are now able to mix and match Real time
and delayed quotes if you are using thier internet product DTN IQ.
For a nominal fee you can get Canadian Markets and London Markets,
which is not available on some feeds.
There is quite a number of Charting applications you can lease or buy that will work with this feed.
If you have any specific questions, I will try to help.
Note: Some charting programs have filters you can set up to avoid gettin bad ticks.

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