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Private Traders' Forum

Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2006 9:37 am
by AFJ Garner
There is a good case for a group of like-minded traders to get together and to operate a totally independent private forum for systems traders where full and frank discussions can occur without embarrassing our host.

We have already seen how "he who must not been named" prevented the free discussion on this forum of his crap book and his crap trading course. His lawyers were able to claim that this forum was pushing its own product at the expense and denigration of his tawdry rubbish.

Clearly some would not wish to listen to my whining drivel. Clearly I might not wish to listen to some other fellows whining drivel. But at least independent trading members could speak their mind in privacy on all manner of subjects without causing offence and trouble to a commercial host such as Trading Blox.