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offshore development.

Posted: Fri May 02, 2003 10:59 am
by TradingCoach
I don't "code" anymore. I have been a programmer and always attempted to be a trader in my career. I have ended up fixing and re-designing Robertson Stevens prop trading system (on Unix c++). I have done odd contract jobs to raise money when my trading got me into a slump. That of course sadly happened often enough. I worked for Schwab, Morgan Stanley, Tibco Finance (we also designed trading systems for banks).
At this point I have no patience and the desire the hammer out code from scratch, I am burnt out as programmer I guess.
The best I can do is maintain (tweak) and test a trading system.

Since I begun trading full time I have an offshore team develop my systems. Their cost and speed rivals anyone I know in the business. All one needs is a good definition of their problem and design of a solution.
(off-shore teams only code it is best to write a very detailed design specs for them...)

Of course I have TS and I am learning their goofy environment but in the light of the money management I concur how these commercial systems are inadequate at best.
For $500-$4000 you can develop any trading system for a single user PC environment. This includes all rights to the source, and market and resale.

Posted: Fri May 02, 2003 11:28 am
by Sir G
Hi TraderCoach-

I have read about the code-havens, do you have a link or two that you can share?

Thank you. Gordon

but of course....

Posted: Fri May 02, 2003 11:53 am
by TradingCoach
I have used (still do) but they are expensive.

Now I moved to
what I like about rentacoder is their escrow service - you pay nothing up front and if there is a problem you have their arbitration service.

Prices are reasonable many eastern block and indian coders - also some from western europe canada, down-under...
There are some others. I have some people (in india) I prefer to use and with rentacoder - I can invite coders to my project by userid. (also they already know me and we have existing relationship established)

If you need some names of coders please PM me. I am not comfortable advertising for them and they don't even know it....
There are some other project sites but some are more towards internet (webpage builders, some are graphics, design, writing project oriented.)