Parabolic Rise - Can we code it

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Parabolic Rise - Can we code it

Post by rajivm » Thu May 25, 2006 2:20 am

Hello Friends,
I am working on as to How to code a Parabolic one way rise in price like Silver showed a few days ago.
I think the following are the characteristics of a Parabolic rise. Please fill in and may be we come up with a good algorithm to code it.
If an instrument A is in a Parabolic Rise situtation past x days-

1. Close > Open almost all of these x days
2. Close > Previous close almost all of these x days
3. ATR expands
4. prices doubles/triples in a period of 1-6 weeks
5. Price gaps open
How do know that parablic rise has come to an end -

1. A big opening Gap which fails to sustain and a close below previous close.

Any inputs would be welcome.

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