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Blox newbie asks: Will someone please write code for him?

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:53 pm
by sluggo
I received this in email today. The underlining is mine, the original had no underlines:
  • Hi am a newbie, working perhaps 3 months on the platform. I am only paper trading. I am noticing that running some of the Dual moving average systems often produce transient gains which are often lost after a few months when I run the system without the use of ATR stops.. with the stops i often am in and out of trades burning capital...I am interested in running a simulation where I take 1/4 of my profits when I get a 5% move off my entry point, take another 1/4 when I hit a 10% move off my entry and let the rest ride to a maximum of a 25% move off my entry point.. since I do not run the builder version and more importantly I want to spend my time understanding markets and risk management and not learning you have any suggestions on how I can integrate the money management exit block or do you know someone who has written this code. or ????
    thanks in advance for any thoughts on this
Naturally, they could pay one of the System Development Partners (LINK) to write and deliver this code.

Another possibility might be that maybe, just maybe, someone who has paid the extra money for the Builder Edition and who has spent their time learning to write programs, might decide to write this code and give it to the newbie free of charge?