Contract Trading and Specifications

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Contract Trading and Specifications

Post by Lorenzo » Tue Dec 02, 2003 10:46 am

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Moved this to a new thread.

As it doesn't look like this one's being answer and this site won't let me start new threads, I thought I'd take the liberty of asking a couple of basic questions.

(1) Are the large S&P 500 and NASDAQ futures electronically tradeable at present? I'm not interested in E-minis versions, as I only want to trade contracts with high value and good liquidity. Minis are too small for me.

If the large versions aren't available for online trading, does anyone know if there are plans to change this, or if Eurex entry to the US might change it?

(2) Can anyone tell me how to find out about when changes are made to futures contract specifications? Most pertinent is tick value for US indicies, but also some European ones such as DAX30, MIB30, IBEX35, FTSE100. Do you know if the overall contract value is going to be changed, if there is advance warning, set criteria for a change?

Any info on either of these topics is gratefully received!

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Post by Kiwi » Tue Dec 02, 2003 4:25 pm

It scares me a little that you dont know the answer to the first questions yet are planning to go straight to big contracts. I guess you have either experience or a bankroll that will permit you to take the big leap.

The S&P and Nas100 are both traded on globex as full size contracts and you can get details at: ... ctType=idx

Advanced notification seems to come direct from Eurex, CME etc to their favourite customers. One of my friends seems to be interactive brokers favourite customer and he hasnt been advised of any tick size changes. Your broker is likely to know before most private traders and you will pick it up in active trading rooms.


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