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A good day to be trading with the trends

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 6:40 am
by stancramer
Yesterday, 12 July 2007, was a heck of a nice day for diversified trend followers. Among my loosely organized clan of futures buddies (we're not the Incline Village tribal sorts), yesterday's return ranged from +3.0% to +7.2%. Quite nice for one single day. If you could just put 252 of those together, back to back, it would be a year to remember.

'Bout half of us trade intermediate term trend following strategies, meaning that with 20 markets in the portfolio, we'd get around 40-100 round trip trades in a year. Not counting rollovers. The other half of our gang are nutty VLT trendfollowers who trade lots more markets, a lot less frequently. More like 50 markets with 30 round trips per year.

In my particular case, yesterday's happiest outcomes were in currencies, bonds, and European stock indexes. Big jumps in OTE of AD, CD, CGB, CON, EBM, EJ, FCH, MP, SM, SXE. But it was a crummy day in Class III Fluid Milk.