So, I am in the technical analysis camp ...

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So, I am in the technical analysis camp ...

Post by verec » Wed Aug 17, 2005 5:44 pm

A not so short while ago, I did some web research and chose a CTA that I could trust and would statisfy my criteria.

It turns out that this CTA is down about 30% since inception, yet I have no intention, at all, to jump ship. All the reasons I had to chose them then, still hold today:
  • they use 100% mechanical systems
  • they have rigorous money management
  • they have a well diversified and dynamic portfolio
The funny thing, of course, is that all these reasons are purely fundamental reasons in nature! It is not like I picked a bunch of CTA's, watched their equity curve over a long period of time, and according to some technical system (MAs, envelope, whatever) decided to "buy" into that one or that other: there is no "meta" trading system that I used to select CTAs as opposed to a regular system used to pick instruments, entry & exit time and risk.

To me, this situation looks no different to the one in which I would be privy to the management of some NASDAQ listed company, knowing their products, their financial assets, their liabilities, their market ... 100% fundamental data ...

How ironic :!:

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