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by Zeke
Sun Feb 08, 2004 1:40 am
Forum: Money Management
Topic: The Myth of Mathematics
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correlation and dependency

shakyamuni, I agree, the key issue is dependency. The identification between correlation and dependency does seem a bit simplistic. Dependency is where one particular bet out of a series (example: series of bets in one market) has its odds to win effected by whatever else happens in the game (market...
by Zeke
Wed Jan 14, 2004 2:06 pm
Forum: Trader Psychology
Topic: Too much reading ...
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Results don't play

Some thoughts, along the same lines as the preceeding... A phrase I sometimes hear (and use) in gambling circles is "You can't play results" typically said in response to someone wishing they had made a negative e.v. decision that would have resulted in a win. You make the best decision with the inf...
by Zeke
Thu Oct 23, 2003 7:12 am
Forum: Testing Software
Topic: Imagining the Dream Testing Software?
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Dream Software Feature

Portfolio selection would have a lot of visual aids. I would find it useful to have a graph of the instrument over the testing period. If I wanted to conduct some test for the 'trendiness' of an instrument, just having a visual representation would help in thinking up a measurement. A visual compari...