Technical Support - Need Some Help?

Trading Blox has a technical support team dedicated to helping you resolve any technical or functional issues you may experience. Technical support personnel can be reached by email at any time, or via our Internet discussion forum.


If your issue can be resolved on the spot, it will be. If necessary, someone from our support team will investigate the issue, and contact you directly with an answer as soon as one is available.


Current email, phone, and address here:




If you can't access the above forum, please be sure you have registered and are logged onto the forum. If you still can't access this forum, you will need to update your customer profile in the Customer Login section of the website. Here when you update your forum username, it will add you to the customer group. Then try the above link again.


Be sure to keep your customer profile update, so we have your latest address, phone, and email in case we need to contact you about new versions and updates.



PDF Manual Files


Please visit the Documentation webpage for the most recent PDF, Browser based, and Help File based Documentation for both Trading Blox and the Blox Builder.



Create Service Report


In many cases it is helpful for us to have a copy of your environment. We have a utility called Create Service Report, that you can access from the Help menu. When you have created the report, email us the output and we will be able to trouble shoot your issue more easily and quickly.


To create, view, and send the service report:


Use the Help / Create Service Report menu item. This will create a zip file of your blox and systems. It will open the folder containing this file.

Email this file to customer support. Check the website for the current customer support email address.


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