Built-in Systems and Blox

Trading Blox comes with several complete trading systems (depending on which version of the software you own).  Each of these systems can be tested separately or mixed together with any of the other trading systems.  For example, it is possible to run a test with the Turtle System using 50% of the equity and a Triple Moving Average System using the other 50%.   Trading Blox also includes the ability to test each system using a separate data set. You can trade the Turtle System using one portfolio and the Triple MA system using another portfolio.  Each system has it's own parameters which can be varied and tested separately or in conjunction with those from the other systems.


To select a system or systems, check the box next to it:

Allocation Manager Properties

You can then set the allocation percentages in the Global Parameters Allocation Manager.


Trading Blox  Builder also has other built-in Blox that are used in our systems for money management, portfolio sizing, risk, etc.  Remember that one of the most powerful features in Trading Blox  Builder is the ability to use the same Blox in different systems!  For information on how to customize our built-in systems or build your own, please see the Blox Builder manual.  Each system topic includes a description of the system, the parameters, and the code.


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