Moving the License

Moving the License

Installation on a new computer

The license agreement and authentication process allows for one user to install on one or two computers initially (depending on the edition ), plus additional purchased computers, for non simultaneous use. The first computers you install the application on will be accepted by the authentication server. You can always re-install as many times as you need to on these authenicated computers. If you try to install on a new computer, it will not authenticate. You must be connected to the internet to authenticate your installation for the first time on a new computer. The authentication process uses both the computer username and the computer identification, so two users logged into the same computer server would be seen as two separate installations.


In the case where you get a new computer and would like to MOVE an install from an old computer to this new computer, you must use the Remove License menu option to first remove the license from your old computer. This will only remove the license, and not the Trading Blox folder. You will then be able to install the application on the new computer, or if you want to save all your changes you can just move the entire Trading Blox folder from the old computer to the new computer. You may need to update your data folder locations and such. Do not just uninstall the application from the old computer, as that will not remove the license from that computer.


If you have a hard drive failure or some other catastrophe that makes it impossible to use the Remove License process, you can reset your license account from the Customer Login section of the website. Be sure to keep your maintenance current so that this online process will be immediate. If your maintenance is not current, you will need to request a manual reset. You can do all of this from the Customer Login section of the website.


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