Menu Reference

The Trading Blox Menu Bar contains the following menus.  Depending on which version of the software you own, some of these menus may be absent.






Each of these menus is explained in detail below.


File Menu




Menu Item:

Action Description:


Closes the current window.


Prints the Summary Results.  Printing of charts is not currently possible in Trading Blox.

Print Preview

Previews the Printing for Summary Results.

Print Setup...

Sets up the printer settings.

Update Sample Data

Updates the sample Futures and Forex data. The data is downloaded from the internet and installed in the Trading Blox / Data folder.


Creates a back up of certain files using the backup.bat batch file. Backups are zipped and date/time stamped and located in the Backups folder.

Reload Dictionaries

In the case a dictionary file is changed external to Trading Blox, this menu will reload all dictionary files and exchanges and currency files.


Contains sub menus for all the results files and the results folder.

Order Folder

Opens the folder in which the order file has been generated and stored.


Exits the Trading Blox application.



Edit Menu




Menu Item:

Menu Action:


Undoes the last editing command.


Removes the selected text and copies it to the clipboard.


Copies the selected text to the clipboard.


Pastes the contents of the clipboard to the current cursor location.


Opens the System Editor.


Opens the Blox Editor.

Futures Dictionary

Opens the Futures Dictionary Editor.

Stock Dictionary

Opens the stock dictionary in notepad or excel. The stock dictionary can

be located in the Stock Data Folder, or Dictionaries folder, and can be called

stockinfo.txt or stockinfo.csv. There is no GUI editor for this dictionary.

Forex Dictionary

Opens the Forex Dictionary Editor.


Opens the Portfolio Editor.


Opens the Preferences Editor.



View Menu




Menu Item:

Action Description:


Shows or hides the Toolbar.

Status Bar

Shows or hides the Status Bar (bottom of main window).

Quick Chart

Creates charts of any markets. Multiple charts can be open at any one time. Only available in the Builder Edition.



Suite Menu




Menu Item:

Action Description:

Run Historical Simulation

Runs a simulation with the current suite, systems, and settings.

Generate Orders

Generates orders with the current suite.

Run Walk Forward

Run a Walk Forward test on the current system and settings. Optimization size and Out of Sample size are set in global parameters as calendar days.

New Suite

Creates a new Simulation Suite.

Rename Suite

Renames the currently selected Simulation Suite.

Lock Suite

Locks the current Simulation Suite. Text changes to Unlock Suite if the current Simulation Suite is already locked.

Delete Suite

Deletes the current Simulation Suite

Export Suite

Exports the suite, systems, blox, and portfolio files into folders in the Export folder. In this way a suite can be zipped and sent to a friend or moved to another computer.

Broker Positions

Opens the broker positions editor



Chart Menu




Menu Item:

Action Description:

Bar Chart

Sets the chart type to Bar Chart.

Candlestick Chart

Sets the chart type to Candlestick Chart.

Expand Chart Spacing

Expands the spacing between bars or candles. Also press Z for Zoom.

Reduce Chart Spacing

Reduces the spacing between bars or candles. Also press R for Reduce.

Show Indicators

Shows the indicators for systems on the Trade Chart.

Hide Indicators

Hides the indicators for systems.

Chart All Trades

Charts every trade for a given instrument even if they are from different systems.

Chart Same System Trades

Charts only trades from the same system as the Current Trade.

Chart Current Trade Only

Charts only the current trade which is the trade selected in the Trade List below the Trade Chart itself.

Hide Trades

Do not show the trades on the chart.



Window Menu




Menu Item:

Action Description:


Closes the current Results Window.

Close All

Closes all the open results windows, and reset the data.

Close All But Current

Closes all the windows but the currently selected window.

Open Log Window

Opens the log window on the bottom of the screen so messages PRINTED in blox scripting will show.

Clear Log

Clears the log window.

Test Suite

The suite window -- the system tab with the global parameters and system parameters tab.

Test Suite 1

This is the first test run for the suite Test Suite.



The Window menu changes to reflect all of the currently open results windows. They are named exactly as they appear in the Results Tabs.



Help Menu




Menu Item:

Action Description:

User Guide

Opens the Trading Blox User Guide

PDF User Guide

Opens the PDF version of the User Guide

Blox Basic Guide

Opens the Blox Basic Builder Guide

PDF Blox Basic Guide

Opens the PDF version of the Blox Basic Guide

Check for New Version

Checks for the current version of Trading Blox

Remove License

Removes the license from this machine. You can then install on a new or different machine.

Reset Registry Settings

This will clear and reset all the preferences and settings that are stored in the registry. This is like a full uninstall and reinstall, but without removing the application. If you have missing or invisible windows, this might be an option to try.

Create Service Report

Creates a service report. You can then send the file "" to customer support if required.

Customer Account

Access the Customer Login section of the website

Support Forum

Launches the Support Forum on the Internet

About Trading Blox

Shows About Window


The trade chart has a pop up menu if you right click on any indicator or plotting series.

If the series is 'display' but not 'plotting' (as defined in the Blox Editor) you can set to plotting for this chart. Likewise you can disable plotting, or remove the indicator from the list completely. Once removed, you cannot then enable or disable plotting. These actions are for the current chart only, and do not affect other charts, or future charts created by a new simulation.

Selecting the Enable Alone menu item will cause only the selected indicator to plot in that graph area, and the others in the same graph area to disable plotting.




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