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The following rarely used options are available in the tradingblox.ini file. To change, close Trading Blox, open the TradingBlox.ini file in Notepad, modify the setting, save, and then start Trading Blox.


The Dividend File Suffix is used as a naming convention for the dividend files, as the suffix to the symbol. The dividend file for IBM is IBM_Div.csv.

The Graph File Suffix is used as the suffix for all the summary graphs. Changing to .gif produces a slightly larger but more portable file, and changing to .jpg produces a large file with more defined colors, less compression.

The Process Weekends flag controls weekend processing. Normally if a weekend date is found anywhere in the data, then all weekends are included in the test loop. If this flag is set to false, then weekends are excluded from the test loop.

The Add Non Traded Instruments flag controls the process whereby instruments with no trades for a particular test are listed in the trade report with a zero trade. This zero trade is there so that you can access the chart and indicators, to explore why the instrument did not trade. But if you have 1000's of these in a large stock test, you might want to set this flag to false.

The Summary Report Test Maximum controls how many tests over which the html summary output will be truncated. Too many test results in an html file make the file so large that windows cannot open the file. So this number is usually set to 5000 or less.

The Risk Free Rate as used in some sharpe computations (Annual Sharpe but not Modified Sharpe).

The Automatic Blox Script Parsing flag controls whether blox scripting will parse the script as each character is pressed. This is the default setting so that you can catch syntax errors immediately. If the blox script is so huge that this parsing process takes a few seconds, you can turn this automatic parsing off. The script is still parsed for syntax errors when the script is saved, on exit or by pressing control-s.

The Blox Editor Font Size sets the font size in the Blox Editor

The Blox Editor Font sets the font used by the Blox Editor

The Backup Archive Days sets the number of days of backups to keep in the Backups folder.

The Multi Parameter Chart turns on/off the two multi parameter chart styles: contoured and 3D.

The Global Heap Size sets the amount of memory the Trading Blox will allocate to a private memory heap on application startup. Setting to zero uses the default windows settings.

The Use Jelly Fish Editor tells the Blox Editor to save the scripts when opened into a .bas file in the Blox/JellyFish folder and open with Jelly Fish Pro. Script editing in the Blox Editor will be disabled.

The Futures Data SSV is not used. SSV is Space Separated Values. It was implemented to accommodate Tradestation data years ago, but is no longer used or enabled.

The Integrity check enables more strict rules on data checking such as errors when the exchange or currency does not exist.

The Use Population SD sets the formula used by Trading Blox for Standard Deviation. By default this is true and uses Population Standard Deviation. If Sample is required, then set to false.

The Display Last Roll Date controls the historic roll info on the positions section of the order generation report.

The Memory Usage Threshold sets the percent of physical memory to use before raising an error. Default is 90, but this can be set higher or lower as needed. A setting of -1 will disable this check.

The Stock Margin Short Rate sets the margin rate for short stock sales. Default is 100%.

The Stock Margin Long Rate sets the margin rate for long stock purchases. Default is 100%, but some brokers require more or less margin for short sales.



Default Settings:



[TradingBlox Directories]

Dividend File Suffix=_Div.csv

Graph File Suffix=.png



Futures Data SSV=FALSE

Integrity Check=FALSE

Process Weekends=TRUE

Global Heap Size=0


[General Reporting]

Add Non Traded Instruments=TRUE

Summary Report Test Maximum=5000

Multi Parameter Chart 1=TRUE

Multi Parameter Chart 2=TRUE

Risk Free Rate=0.03

Use Population SD=TRUE

Display Last Roll Date=TRUE


[Block Basic]

Automatic Blox Script Parsing=TRUE

Blox Editor Font Size=14

Blox Editor Font=Courier New

Use Jelly Fish Editor=FALSE


[Application Settings]

Backup Archive Days=30

Memory Usage Threshold=90



Stock Margin Short Rate=100

Stock Margin Long Rate=100


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