This is used for the Multi-Parameter chart and the Parameter Stepping Graphs. This can be a number between 1 and 8 to use built in statistics, or a number greater than 8 for custom statistics. The numbers represent the left to right index of the Summary Statistics for a test as follows:

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Multi-Parameter Goodness Index Determination

How to determine the "Goodness Index" value to apply for the first eight default statistical measure will always be the same as shown in the image above.  To use a "Custom Blox Statistic" that is added to the standard eight statistical measure, that number is determined by where it appears after the Number of Trades statistic in the Stepped Parameter Summary Performance table heading image shown above.


Placement in the table is only known after a Simulation Test has completed, and if any blox with a statistical measure are added or removed, the index order number can change.  Because this is a temporal index based upon simulation's assigned blox with statistical measures, it must be checked to see if its placement sequence changed after a blox was added or removed from any of the systems in to a suite.

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