Forex Dictionary Format

The Forex Dictionary is stored on disk as an ASCII Text file called "ForexInfo.txt". This file contains information about the name and location of the data file, the format, the pip size, and the spread. It is stored in the Forex Data Folder (see below).




Forex Data Folder

In Trading Blox, the folders containing forex price data files are set using the Data and Folder Preferences section of the Preferenceseditor.


The default folder setting for forex data is:


C:\Trading Blox\TradingBlox\Data\Forex\



ForexInfo.txt is a very important file stored in the Forex Data Folder, and it contains all the pertinent information about a particular futures market. An example line in this file might be:


EURUSD,"EEC Euro / U.S. Dollar",ASCII,EURUSD.TXT,0.0001,2.00


Moving left to right, Trading Blox knows that:

1.        the trading symbol for this market is EURUSD

2.        the forex market name is EEC Euro / U.S. Dollar

3.        the file is in the ACSII format

4.        the folder\filename is "EURUSD.TXT" which means that it's full pathname is:

 C:\Trading Blox\TradingBlox\Data\Forex\EURUSD.TXT

5.        the pip size is 0.0001

6.        the spread is 2.0 pips


Position 3 and 4 will likely be different from data vendor to data vendor because each generally has a different naming convention for forex data.


The symbol defined in the first column must be identical to the symbol used in Portfolio Files. Portfolio Files use the symbol to lookup markets in the Forex Dictionary.


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