All Forex order transactions are controlled by the settings in this section.

Forex Parameters Global Setting Control

Forex Parameters Global Setting Control

Global Parameter:


Forex Trade Size:

The inter-bank forex market trades in units of 100,000 base currency. Many retail forex brokers allow trading units of smaller size. This parameter controls the unit size to allow for simulation of trading through retail forex brokers.

Account for Forex Carry:

This determines whether or not to account for Forex Carry charges (see Forex Carry Calculations for details).

Use Pip-Based Slippage:

Since many retail Forex brokers have fixed spreads per market and guarantee "zero slippage" fills, Trading Blox provides for this using a fixed per-market slippage which is defined by the spread in pips for each market. The spread for each market should be set to the figures your Forex broker uses or a larger number for more conservative testing. See Forex Dictionary for information on changing the Forex market spreads.


When set to TRUE, the parameter Use Pip-Based Slippage overrides the normal  Trading Bloxslippage calculations (based on a fixed amount or percentage) for the Forex markets only.


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