Export Suite Purpose:

Suite construction most often contains numerous files and settings that can have a significant effect on how a system performs and the results it creates.


In order to reduce the time it takes to transfer Suites to another Trading Blox installation, the Export method will package all the files for transport in the Zip file it creates.


Export Suite Instruction:

1.Click on the Suite that is you want to transfer to another Trading Blox installation.  

2.Click on the Home Menu Suite Transfer Export control.


3.When this next dialog appears, select the suite Zip file name and copy it using Ctrl-C or by right clicking and selecting the copy menu item.

Click to Enlarge; Click to Reduce.

Home Menu Export Suite Zip File Access Dialog

4.Now add that file to your email, or other methods for sending that file to the other Trading Blox  installation where it is to be imported.


Files exported with the same name as those that are normally provided with a Trading Blox installation will be overwritten when the Suite is imported in another installation.  This concern is for users who might have made modifications to some of the Blox or System module files and didn't change the name of file in some way that it is not longer the default name.


Special files that are not normally part of the Trading Blox process, like special index  or weighting files that are not normally part of a Suite/System, not be exported.  When special files must be part of the suite new installation, those will have to copied and pasted manually.


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