Blox Editor Colors

Trading Blox Builder edition can access these Preference for the Blox Editor.  


Default Blox Editor Colors:



Syntax Color Selection:

Syntax Description:

Keyword Color

Keywords. Example “If, Print, Integer”

Comment Color

Comments. Text following ‘.

Object Color

Objects. Examples: “Instrument, System”

Built-In Variable Color

Built in constants and preference properties. Examples: TRUE, NumberOfExtraDataFields, LicenseName

Temporary Variable Color

Local variables as defined in scripting. Example: “Variables: temp Type: Integer”

Function Color

Functions. Example: “Average(), IfThenElse()”

Script Object Color


Block Permanent Variable Color

Block Permanent Variables as defined by user.

Instrument Permanent Variable Color

Instrument Permanent Variables as defined by user

Indicator Color

Parameters as defined by user.

Parameter Color

Parameters as defined by user.

Editing Item Colors:

Click the chart item color display button so this image appears:

Color Palette

Color Palette

Selecting any of the colors shown and that color will as the item's color.  


If a different color is needed, click the above image area "More Colors" section and this next color dialog will appear:

Color Palette Picker

Color Palette Picker

This dialog allows a nearly infinite amount of colors to be used as a replacement color.

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