Two Column Number Series

Two-column series are single-column numeric series that are later modified with a simple scripting process to establish the second column.  All two-column series must be manually indexed series.  Manually indexed series require scripting to keep track of the series size and decide which index value is needed to access information.


BPV Single Series Manually-Index Numeric Series:

Two-Column Series Creation Steps


Step #

Step Action:



Enter Variable Name

Enter the series script reference name.


Select Number Series

Only numeric series can be converted to a two-column series


Deselect Auto-Index option

Two-column series can only be manually indexed series


Enter Series Size (optional)

Series size if the number element rows where a value can be placed.  For example, a parameter size value of 10 will establish 10 element rows locations where information  in a single column can store values.



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