This function is used to add, one or more statistical functions to a Stepped Parameter Summary Performance report multi-parameter graph. When more than one additional statistic function is to be added to a multi-parameter graph, use the information in the Example shown below.



Trading Blox Builder User's Guide has more information about how this function is applied.


A list of Trading Blox built-in statistic function is available here:

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Trading Blox User's Guide

Test Results  "

Trading Performance and Statistics


When the primary Multi-Parameter Graph statistic should be change for all test reports, change the setting in the Preference setting area:

Preferences-Muti-Parameter-Graph Setting


test.SetGoodnessToChart( "statisticName1 [,statisticName2] [,statisticName3] [, ...]" )





Add one or more of the built-in statistic name inside of two quotation marks.  


When more than one statistic is to be added, separate each statistic name with a comma.


Each added statistic is separated by a comma.

[, ...]"

Last statistic name must be followed by a closing quotation mark.



'  Add the Monthly Sortino test statistic to the stepped-test

'  multi-parameter graph
test.SetGoodnessToChart( "Monthly Sortino" )
'  Add the multiple test statistic to the stepped-test

'  multi-parameter graph, and add statistics to the Custom

'  Statistics section and to the summary table
'  at the top of the Stepped Parameter Summary Performance report.
test.AddStatistic( "Monthly Sortino", test.monthlySortinoRatio )
test.AddStatistic( "R3", test.rCubed )
test.AddStatistic( "My Value", 7.77 )
test.SetGoodnessToChart( "MAR, R3, Monthly Sortino, My Value" )


This statistic function is added to the After Test script section in any of the blox included in a system.   When it is executed, it doesn't return a value.


If the blox you are considering doesn't have that script section listed, it can be added by right-clicking on and of the script name shown in the script name section.


Statistics added using this function are for the multiple-parameter graph area of the test results report.  They are not added as a statistic item in the Custom Statistics section in the summary report.


Multiple-Parameter Graphs only appear when a stepped test result report is created.


Add statistics are not related to the goodness measure is used to create multi parameter surface charts unless it is also set as the default 'measure of goodness' to use in the Preferences/Reporting General.  This function only add an additional measure to a multi-parameter graph.



Miscellaneous Functions, AddStatistic

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Trading Blox User's Guide -> Test Results -> Trading Performance and Statistics










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