These functions can be used in conjunction with an Instrument Block Permanent Variable Type once the file has been loaded into a user declared BPV Instrument type variable.


Instrument Loading Functions:



Loads an instrument's data into a BPV Instrument class variable. The instrument does not need to be in the current portfolio.  When it isn't in the portfolio, this function's parameter will allow Trading Blox Builder to find it and the instrument data file from where it is stored on the disk.  


This function is the method for accessing disk that don't have Automatic Instrument Context by default.  It is also for loading all or any of the instruments that have a specific Rank, or when the data is to added to an existing instrument's IPV variables.


To access and load an instrument this function supports the use of a:



ocurrent instrument index value


To load an instrument, it must be loaded into a BPV Instrument type variable.  It can't be loaded directly into an instrument object.  However, the data in the file loaded can be used as a source for adding information to an IPV property variable.



LoadSymbol is required to first load an instrument ahead of the execution of any of the following functions that can load by a specific value or need.


Loads into an instrument variable the instrument located at the specified long rank position.


Loads into an instrument variable the instrument located at the specified short rank position.


Loads into an instrument variable the data from an external file. The data loads into IPV Series variables as defined.


Loads data into an IPV exactly as in the file. Does not fill holes in the data.


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