Script sections where instrument do not have automatic instrument context, these script sections will require each instrument to be brought into context using scripted statements before an instrument's information can be accessed.  To bring an instrument into context, Trading Blox Builder provides the LoadSymbol function.  This option allows the user to to assign a symbol's data to a BPV Instrument Variable Name that they create in each blox where an instrument doesn't have context, and where access to an instrument would be needed.  To bring more than one instrument into context using LoadSymbol function only requires an additional BPV instrument for each instrument that needs to be in context at the same time.  In most cases, an entire portfolio of symbols can be processed in a script section without automatic context by using a loop structure that loads an instrument and the processes that instrument before loading the next instrument.


Examples showing how to create the scripts statements is available in the LoadSymbol topic.


Which script sections are assigned instrument context by default is available in the Blox Script Timing table.


When a script section has automatic instrument context it does not need to use the LoadSymbol function unless there is a need to have access to a second or more additional symbols at the same time.


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